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Losing track of time 24.01.2012
Nat's XXX Rated Birthday 21.01.2012
Nat found her birthday present 18.01.2012
Last Stop: BALI 17.01.2012
Pictures of Malaysia 16.01.2012
A minute in Malaysia 14.01.2012
Looking back at Koh Lipe 12.01.2012
48 hours in Koh Lanta 10.01.2012
Offshore adventures 06.01.2012
Where's my kite when I need it!? 05.01.2012
Back to the beach...it's not supposed to be raining! 04.01.2012
Back to Chiang Mae 30.12.2011
Even Santa has a smoother ride 26.12.2011
To all a good night.... 24.12.2011
Time for Thailand 23.12.2011
Weather Report: Sunny and Windy!! 18.12.2011
So much to do and so little time 15.12.2011
Just some photos we like of Hoi An 13.12.2011
Don't stop the carnival 11.12.2011
No moss on these rolling stones 10.12.2011
Please Sir, can I have some more!? 07.12.2011
School is in session 01.12.2011
Good Morning Vietnam! I'm a $6,000,000 man... 28.11.2011
Going Local 27.11.2011
Siem Reap - Day 2 25.11.2011
A change in the weather 24.11.2011
Still searching through India 21.11.2011
Getting better....I think... 15.11.2011
The Backwaters of Alleppey 15.11.2011
Photos from Kerala, India 12.11.2011
Still tasting India 12.11.2011
A taste of India 08.11.2011
The last photos of Nepal 08.11.2011
More photos of Nepal 08.11.2011
Pictures from Nepal 08.11.2011
Where's The Four Seasons!? 03.11.2011
Almost out of range 29.10.2011
Katmandu Tour - Namaste! 28.10.2011
Happy Diwali!! 27.10.2011
One more day in Barcelona 25.10.2011
Rain and Champagne 24.10.2011
It's a small world after all 22.10.2011
Lobsters and Vino 21.10.2011
Ciao Bella! 19.10.2011
Snatched from the jaws of defeat 17.10.2011
Aix en Provence and a bit of grape juice 16.10.2011
Time to get a little medieval 15.10.2011
Just a walk in the park 13.10.2011
On to France 12.10.2011
Some days it takes a good sense of humour 10.10.2011
Dean is going to be so disappointed with me 09.10.2011
Life is Full of Choices 06.10.2011
Palma de Mallarco - She's a difficult mistress... 04.10.2011
A Night in Rhodes and on to Spain 02.10.2011
The Last of Turkey 29.09.2011
Adventures on the High Seas 29.09.2011
Our Treehouse in Olympos 24.09.2011
The Last of Cappadocia 21.09.2011
Human Car Wash and Turkish Pizza 20.09.2011
Fairy Chimneys to Underground Cities (and more amazing food) 19.09.2011
We just found the "Most Bizarre Place on the Planet" 18.09.2011
A Hectic Couple of Days... 17.09.2011
Things that make you go hmmm.... 15.09.2011
Google Pamukkale if you have never heard of it! 13.09.2011
Road Trip to Ephesus and Beyond... 13.09.2011
A Weekend in Kos, Greece 11.09.2011
A Little R&R in Bodrum, Turkey 07.09.2011
More Adventures in Istanbul 04.09.2011
Adventures in Istanbul 04.09.2011
Let the Games Begin 02.09.2011