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September 2011

A Little R&R in Bodrum, Turkey


After a weekend in the big city it is time to head south to the beach for a little peace and quiet in Bodrum. Little did we know we were headed to party central on the beach. Our "pensyione" was nice and quiet, right on the beach....but we were sandwiched between a castle and 10 mad night clubs that didn't wind down until at least 5:30. It does work well with our still jet lagged sleeping schedule. As per our usual we went searching for the culinary treasures. Our first good find was a Spanish tapas restaurant, there are more pictures on our flickr page www.flickr.com/whereintheworldarecolinandnat. After that we made a meal out of a giant baked potato and sampled almost every shwarma stand. We didn't see many mornings, but we did spend an afternoon touring the castle and getting a little bit of history.
Lots of fun, but far from the peace and quiet we were looking for...maybe we will have better luck in Kos, Greece.

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More Adventures in Istanbul


It turns out this place is kind of big. 17 million people jammed along the banks of the Bosphorus River. We have wandered around getting lost in all sorts of streets and markets and needed a break so jumped on a ferry that runs up the River to some relative peace and countryside. The riverside is pretty amazing as, even in the city center, there are mosques, palaces and giant houses that have maintained large amounts of amazing trees and open space. At the end of the line we jump off and grab a quick bite (for real this time, we are still full from last night) and then head off to climb a mountain and explore a castle.
Back at our hotel hours later we decide it is time for a hookah and a backgammon tournament, both are very easy to find. The streets are full of entertainment of every kind, we seem very safe in this area, although I think they guy that charged me 12 TL for polishing my running shoes might have scammed me, how could I turn down his offer as it came with a 3 year guarantee!?

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Adventures in Istanbul

With the 7 hour time difference we thought we would start with a nice quiet dinner and a few drinks and explore town. We took a recommendation of a hard to find local place called "Giritli" that took some luck to find, but looked like just what the doctor ordered. It did take some work to find the place so when the waiter described the set menu they offered we weren't going looking elsewhere. He asked if we had a reservation, which always makes me smile in an empty 120 seat restaurant....they managed to squeeze us in. Dinner turned into a lesson in everything Turkish; first the cold starter, then 17 "mezes" or small plates. This is when Natalie started to fade and I was left to push on with my waiter coaching, cheering and bringing me cold towels and wine, whatever he thought would keep me going. Next was a hot appetizer which arrived on a much larger plate than the previous course and then it was time for the main entree to arrive. A huge platter of local fish, big ones, small ones, I was losing track at this point. Then dessert and coffee and liqueur and more wine and more raki...so much for a light meal, but it was amazing both in flavour and experience.
Time for a walk...

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Let the Games Begin

sunny 29 °C

After a few weeks of chaos, we are on our way. Thanks to everyone who let us take up residence; Harper's, Ocean City was a blast, Levy-Wohler's it was only half a hurricane but it was great and, of course, Steph and Mike....it must be quiet in Nutley...

The flight was a breeze, leaving Newark at 8pm EST we arrived in Munich for a breakfast beer and headed straight to Istanbul. The taxi ride to our guest house in the old part of the European side of Istanbul, right under the Blue Mosque, was a mix of wild wide open highways and wild narrow alleys. Both were done at a high rate of speed with a driver that was texting and talking while yelling at traffic that didn't let him run the wrong way up one-way streets.

Either way, great to finally start the journey...stay tuned.
PS. Thanks to Seb at at Red Piano for finding and making this blog work.

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