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Rain and Champagne

storm 18 °C

We have covered 3500kms and 3 countries in the last 16 days, it has been a fantastic adventure of landscape, food and wine. The last couple of days, although a bit rainy, have been on par with the rest of the adventure. We woke up Sunday morning in La Ciotat to a "Heritage Festival - aka A Pirate Party" and the rugby world cup. The streets had been closed off in the early morning hours and had sprouted tents that were filled with a variety of local food, beverage and handicrafts. Every bar along the waterfront was open and had added tv's to broadcast the well fought battle of the French "bleu" against the heavily favoured Kiwi "All Blacks." The streets were busier than we had seen all weekend and the energy was fantastic. We skipped out before we started sampling any cocktails and before the Blues lost by a close margin...we were both expecting a bigger loss and a very unhappy crowd which spurred us on early.

The last stop before Barcelona was the Spanish coastal summer holiday area of Costa Brava, we found a little place in the town of S'Agaro. Recommended by our friends Anna and Jordy, I can only imagine how hectic this place is in season. If it gives you any idea, we paid $70/night for a place that usually goes for 400/night in summer. The rain was falling hard, so we didn't get much of a chance to explore, but the windsurfers outside our window were having a blast! Natalie discovered champagne, which until now, she had never really drank and had usually made fun of the girls that ordered it at Barrow's Pub. I'm not sure what she is going to do in Nepal, but it will be interesting to see.

Driving back to Barcelona, we were thinking at least it would be a no brainer to get home as our GPS would be working again. I hadn't double checked it when we left, but when I went into the "favorites" and pulled up the rental agency, it took us to a grocery store about 10 miles from the car drop off. And the next address I put in got us to the airport. It wouldn't have been a problem but, with the rain and part of the rental deal being that I could return it on empty which is exactly what I planned to do. I'm not sure if you have ever run a diesel engine to empty, but if you do, it is a much bigger mess than just adding gas in the tank. Anyway, with lights flashing and alarms sounding, we managed to get back to the lot and all was well. We went past Anna and Jordi's house to grab my passport and catch up on each others recent few weeks. Talking to them we realized what you may have been seeing and wondering from the foreign news. The earthquakes in Turkey are miles away from where we are or ever were and the protests in Rome and elsewhere are also not even close to where we have been. In fact, it is definitely calmer here than NYC from the looks of what we can see from this end.

The rain keeps falling as we sit in Barcelona tonight. We have explored the neighborhood for restaurants, found some great dishes and Nat found some champagne. Tomorrow hopefully we will be lucky and we might take one more shot at looking into this Gaudi fellow. Otherwise, we will be organizing our arrival in Nepal which we are looking forward to a lot. Ready for a change of pace...

Ps. Thanks for all the feedback and everyone that is following our blog. It is great to know that you are enjoying it. If you want to get updates as soon as we post new stuff you can hit the "subscribe" button...that way you don't miss a thing and we know that you are watching. Cheers, C+N

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