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We had a nice lazy morning yesterday with our checkout at noon, we figured it would be a piece of cake as we had only an 80km drive to San Sebastien and I had booked our accommodation before we left Barcelona. The trip advisor app on our Ipad has been pretty good so far for matching us with great food, lodging and sites. With that and our new GPS that takes us to whichever address we type in, what could go wrong. We probably should have guessed when the address we typed into the GPS didn't work exactly that something was amiss. In our hurry, we settled for the option of just getting directions to San Sebastien City Center as we figured, how hard could it be. Even in Turkey without the GPS, as long as we ended up in the middle of town, someone would point us in the right direction. The drive was epic as we are on the edge of the Pyrenees mountains, so the big mountains were in the distance as we drove through some pretty stunning foothills and valleys.

It wasn't long before we were parked next to the ocean and finding ourselves some lunch and some local directions. We found a bar that was in the middle of their version of Sunday brunch, plenty of beer and wine with a few little plates of tapas, primarily various kinds of ham and cheese. The bartender was very nice and stopped everything to get most of the staff and patrons involved with figuring out where our hostel or the address we provided was located. When everyone was stumped, he actually dialed the number for the hotel that we had which was when I thought I should return the hospitality and at least start sampling the tapas and tap a fresh keg. When he got off the phone he had the solution, we had booked a hotel on the absolute opposite end of Spain in a town called Cadiz, I blame trip advisor, but apparently there are two "Pension Bellas Artes" in Spain.

When we did find the place we had tried to book, it reminded us both of a doctors office and was ridiculously overpriced so off we went in search of an alternative. You have to understand that Europe likes their long lunches when everything closes (even some restaurants) and they definitely don't work on Sundays, so the hotel search proved more difficult than expected. It was 6 o'clock before we managed to find the place we are at, so our 80 km drive ended up taking about 7 hours start to finish....but we found a great little spot, with a cat for a host.

We had a great night exploring the city, we started with the local red wine at a few locations with a few more tapas. Then on to another restaurant for some sangria and some dinner. The architecture is stunning and the vibe on the street is fun. After the day we had, it was an easy evening, home by midnight.

When you are traveling for six months you need to take some maintenance days and today was one of those days. Nat has some serious concerns about letting anyone loose on her hair in India or Vietnam/Thailand, so this week is her last chance for a few months. She found a place that spoke english and she was happy. I on the other hand brought clippers, but letting this guy do his thing could be a little less drastic. This doesn't need to be a long story as I'm not sure how else to say it; I gave the guy a bit of a long leash....and now I have a mohawk. Natalie describes her colour as "Beach slut blonde", we make quite the pair. The good news is, it will grow back and we had a good laugh. Now I am driving a Citroen Picasso, with a mohawk...you can't make this shit up.

1_1318267881699_photo 1.JPG

Piturru, aka Mr.Bigglesworth, he is the cat that lives at our hostel this week

2_1318267887653_photo 2.JPG

Nat in front of the old part of San Sebastien, just to her left is the beach

3_1318267893654_photo 3.JPG

The river runs through the center of town, on the right is a beach full of drunk surfers, I don't see them drinking, but they must be drunk to get in the water when it's this cold!!

4_1318267900670_photo 4.JPG

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I Love the hair cut, I think it looks good! You look like a rock star!!!

by Cindy & Bob Harper

Campbell- the hair is very metrosexual. way to take a risk, and I think you asked for it, it didn't happen by accident.
Looks like you guys are having a real adventure.

by ARogers

Love the hair, sounds like your having a lot of fun. We have been to southern Spain a lot, but have never been to the northern part, although we always wanted to. It is interesting to read your blog and get a feel for that area.

by Patricia East

Your hairdresser has a blog too. His says "lol, you should see what I did to this CDN guy. All with a straight face. LMFAO".

by KK

yup. Barcelona overated.....as for the hair....Well it sure beats the #2 bowl haircut you used to get!! Love your blog buddy keep it up. Rod

by rod

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